Am I a good friend? because a lot of the time I just seem to say the wrong stuff all the time, and its been like a curse for me. There hasn’t been a time that when I meet someone, I just say whatever my strong viewed head has on the brain, which is just a way for them to not want to be friends with me, I speak first, think later, and most of what I say is enough to lose a lot of friends



You know those times when you say something to another person that is such a dick headed thing to say? Yeah, I did that last night, and now I feel like said dick head. A friend of mine who I RP with has a fever temperature  of 104 and I thought she said it to make me stay on since whenever I leave she makes me guilty by saying stuff I can’t refuse to say no to. Now I just saw on her notes from the posts she made that it was all true, so just let someone shoot me in the face and be done with it, I will feel better than I do now

I need a major break from tumblr, so I wont be on for the next few days. My mind needs to rest So have a good weekend and god speed


June Bride by yuki8686


This is the best thing ever!

my 3DS friend code is 2878-9581-8999 Add meeeee!!!

I go by the name Himura, because of Kenshin fad


Twitter / blackalpha_1: 秩序が大事ってわけじゃないけど、ネタバレ無い絵になっちゃった …

One that note, I’m off to bed, still not feeling well and these obscene late nights haven’t been helping. 2:30am last night. Not anymore, until next time, goodnight and godspeed