Back. I hope. If Role-Play doesn’t make me forget this blog

Guys, hey. I have been super busy, like sorting out what the fuck to do with my life busy. Not had a lot of time to come on and chat, and I have an RP blog, so that kind of makes me forget to come over here. But I hope all of you are OK, having what little fun can come out of exams for some of you. Good luck, and hope you all do well


If you like Knouge i will automatically love you -^^-


Oh, by the way, I found an anime that made me cry waaaaaay more than madoka could ever do to me, its called wolf children. If you don’t like a big fucking tear jerker ending, or movies that make your heart feel like its been crushed, don’t watch this movie. it does have what you would expect from the title, there is furry under the covers stuff, so if that offends you, steer clear

supernayru said: you can apologize to her and tell her she will unfortunately have to get used to you going to work, there’s nothing you can do about it, I’m sure she doesn’t want you losing your job.

I don’t know what to think or do anymore. All I do know is that I didn’t read the posts she made, if I had, then I wouldn’t feel this badly over it

 pokemon-amie said: you’re not an asshole at all, chris! you just made a mistake

Sometimes I think its been a mistake following her in the first place

supernayru said: you’re not psychic you know? you do regret your mistake like I said! Pluss sometimes people leave passive posts on their blog to make people feel bad. Not saying she did that, but you can’t let it ruin you

I know I’m not psychic, but that still doesn’t excuse the stuff I said. If she doesn’t want to know me anymore, I wouldn’t blame her tbh

supernayru said: that’s her choice to make not yours, you clearly regret what you said and even then if you have something important to do you’re not obligated to stay for someone else

She could have been in seriously bad condition, and I just made it worse. Agrahg

 pokemon-amie said: people make mistakes like that all the time c: so maybe you put your foot in your mouth a bit, but if she’s faked it before then you’d naturally be suspicious! you’re obviously sorry you did it, so just apologise and it’ll all be okay!

I don’t get over this stuff easily. I didn’t know until I saw her posts that she was telling the truth, so yeah, I said I was sorry, but then I said you can’t keep saying that you’re going to die every time I leave to go to sleep. Asshole? I would say so

supernayru said: you were tired and you made a mistake, you regret it now, a bad friend wouldn’t regret it at all

I was wide awake. I said that she shouldn’t say that she’s going to die every time I leave, I don’t deserve to be a friend to her, not after this