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Jun 10

supertails said: Hey, hows things? I am so sorry I haven't been in contact for so long, I have had lot of stuff going on lately. But I hope you and Sliba are doing good


jkssdhadhassa ye

we r doign fine just stressed with college

I seem to have lost your skype when I did the merger thing with my account. Could you PM me yours again?


May 30

bed time. bed time

I am heading off to bed. Will be back tomorrow guys. Its great to be back here, so catch you later, and have a good evening

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So did you guys here about that licensing deal Viz Media got for Sailor Moon? I was not expecting that, not one bit, and look forward to seeing what the new series that is based on the manga is like


true pain is when you play a video game but you want to play another video game but you don’t want to stop playing the game you’re currently playing

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!!!!!!!! The design is so cute…..


!!!!!!!! The design is so cute…..

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