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Sep 04


a spider just ran down the wall my bed is against and I’m scared that it’s going to get in my bed omg that is my worst fear

I had one on my bed the other night as well, and killed it, now I have some spider blood on my bed sheets, and its disgusting. See if your parents will get rid of it for you, that’s what I always do, since I’m too chicken to do it myself


on one hand I want to re-watch Madoka AGAIN but on the other hand pAIN

I know the feeling. Its something I can’t watch again, purely for that reason. Pain. Not going through that again


so I registered for UCAS today and started filling out the uni application because why not and there was a question about your sexual orientation aND I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO DO!? I mean on one hand the question was optional but also I guess it’s pretty obvious I’m not straight if I chose not to answer it

Sometimes they say you can leave it. I find its an invasion of privacy. What difference does it make anyway? I hate it when those sorts of questions come up on applications. Its just not on

Sep 03

OK this has to be said. For all the people who know mw on here and think I’m a good person, you’re all wrong. Its not true, turns out I’m a total asshole and don’t deserve the friends I have. Because I just ruin most things and peoples lives anyway, why bother. I never thought I could be someone who hurts others, well today I did, and can’t begin to accept the shame and disgust I have in myself

Jun 10

supertails said: Hey, hows things? I am so sorry I haven't been in contact for so long, I have had lot of stuff going on lately. But I hope you and Sliba are doing good


jkssdhadhassa ye

we r doign fine just stressed with college

I seem to have lost your skype when I did the merger thing with my account. Could you PM me yours again?


May 30

bed time. bed time

I am heading off to bed. Will be back tomorrow guys. Its great to be back here, so catch you later, and have a good evening

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So did you guys here about that licensing deal Viz Media got for Sailor Moon? I was not expecting that, not one bit, and look forward to seeing what the new series that is based on the manga is like


true pain is when you play a video game but you want to play another video game but you don’t want to stop playing the game you’re currently playing

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